Anil JJ

Based out of Bengaluru, India. Armed with 2 decades of experience in Technology and Healthcare IT is now on a mission to revolutionize employee health & wellness.

Having the proven record in people management, setting up the right processes and using technology business transformation, has played a pivotal role in large corporations such as Siemens & Cerner and startup like Innovaccer. During his time he has worked on Obama Care’s Accountable Care Organisations, Meaningful Use Stages, ICD10 migrations for large hospitals and also ran special interest groups (SIG’s) on several initiatives

In his last role as AVP – Operations at Innovaccer (Innovaccer is a leading healthcare technology company. Pioneering the Data Activation Platform that’s helping the industry realize the promise of value-based care), JJ had setup & managed the implementation delivery department, pre sales & data integration product teams. He ran multiple initiatives & programs to reduce time to delivery, increase quality & improve processes.

Prior to joining Innovaccer, JJ worked as a practice manager at Cerner and managed Data Integration, Interoperability & Health Information Exchange teams for US Healthcare & Middle-East. He joined Cerner as part of Cerner’s acquisition of Siemens Health Services, at Siemens Technology & Services which was the Bangalore entity he managed the Professional Services teams under the technology tower comprising of several teams from setting Siemens Soarian suite to integrating hospital information systems with all the ancillary systems to run the hospital.