Marketing and Sales for Hospitals

MetahOS is the only medical software which has been architected to take care of Hospital Marketing, as well as Patient Recruitment, Customer Relationship Management and Referral Management. MetahOS helps hospitals capture and analyze critical information, empowering them to improve patient satisfaction and increase operational efficiency.

Meta hOS Marketing, Sales & Referral Management

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Meta hOS Patient Relationship Management

Take Charge

MetahOS is targeted at hospital’s marketing heads to uniformly provide them with the great features to better their work such as comment monitoring, tracking and comment classification, referral management and patient complaints that result into patient satisfaction.

Referral Management

MetahOS is the first hospital referral management solution to integrate and automate hand-offs and communication between all referral sources, including case managers, social workers, referrals case-linked to the electronic health record (EHR), and mobile phones. MetahOS bridges technology gaps found in healthcare by improving the flow of patient information, easing hand offs and increasing communication between parties. MetahOS provides a fully integrated solution to address pain points of healthcare by automating manual data entry and integrating external solutions.

Campaigns & Camps

MetahOS is a fully integrated Point of Care system. Hospital Campaigns, Village clinics, Temporary sites, Field Health Camps, consisting of light tents, nets and yards where medical and nursing staff can work safely and efficiently. You can track ROI from camps easily and at real-time

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Features That Solve Problems

Metahos Healthcare Operating System was built keeping in mind both strategic and tactical challenges that hospitals face.

Billing, Finance & Accounts Receivables

Digital OPD & IPD (HIS)

Patient Relationship Management

Integrated Contact Centre

Marketing, Sales & Referral Mgmt

HR, Operations & RTC

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