Meta hOS is The Solution for Your Hospital

The future is here. MetahOS is a digital OS for hospitals to manage your patients with just one click, reduce your paper work and boost reimbursement. It combines Patient Management, Claims, Insurance, Billing, Financial Management, Clinical Records (EMR), Point of Care (HIS), Operation Theatre & Accreditation related solutions in one single integrated platform.

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Integrated Digital Platform

MetahOS will offer integrated Digital Health products, a hospital management platform and App for healthcare professionals and patients. Our team has extensive lived experience in Healthcare. We want to build a secure solution that benefits the medical community, providers and hospitals

Doctors at the fore front

MetahOS transforms the way healthcare professionals document, follow, and retain patient information. Our software is a modern electronic medical record backed by clinicians before it goes to the cloud. Clinicians add their content, create forms, and sign forms all within MetahOS. Physicians can communicate with patients about the status of their medical test results, prescriptions or related care plans electronically and securely through our web platform from any device. Healthcare professionals can use our system anywhere in the world

Patient Journey Tracker

MetahOS is a real-time, cloud based hospital management system developed in India and used by hospitals. It helps you manage your hospital and empowers you to improve patient experience. MetahOS is the only fully integrated healthcare platform available for every part of the patient journey, right from appointment booking to bed management.

Meta hOS Keeps Your Hospital Compliant






Features That Solve Problems

Metahos Healthcare Operating System was built keeping in mind both strategic and tactical challenges that hospitals face.

Meta hOS Billing, Finance & Accounts Receivables​

Billing, Finance & Accounts Receivables

With functionalities like integrated receivables management (invoicing and follow up), customer hospital financial reports, GST reporting by payer, coding support, patient scheduling system integration and more MetahOS is the solution you need to manage your day to day billing operations effectively.
Metahos is another example of functional and associated product features. First, we focused on the "benefit" that comes with using our product (Integrated Receivables Management). We then followed it up by focusing on a feature related to that benefit (Hospital Financial Reports). Utilizing this method will help your hospital focus more on care delivery.
MetahOS Billing Module is a web based biller & payroll system module. Customer can pay their bills online and also make direct payment by using POS device which is integrated with metahOS.

Meta hOS Digital OPD & IPD (HIS)​​

Digital OPD & IPD (HIS)​

MetahOS provides a comprehensive, fully integrated electronic medical records (EMR) system for the healthcare industry. MetahOS EMR offers advanced functionality such as OPD and IP that allows customization for every client's need. Electronic Medicine is the way forward. MetahOS offers complete solutions and products to help you go paperless with: Digital OPD, IPD, EMR, HIS, BPMS, Adopting Electronic Medical Records in Hospitals.
MetahOS is a SaaS Digital solution for the healthcare industry that delivers the simplicity, speed, and flexibility needed by administrators and clinicians. The MetahOS software suite includes all of the services healthcare organizations need to streamline clinical compliance, decrease costs and improve quality.

Meta hOS Patient Relationship Management

Patient Relationship Management​

MetahOS is a cloud based Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution that brings the patient & clinic together. It is an all in one PRM that helps you improve Patient satisfaction, keep track of the patients journey after discharge, enrich patient data for better contextual analysis and improve points of care.
MetahOS's cutting edge, High-performing Fully Integrated Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution for total Digital Patient Experience. ​It provides a Digital ecosystem for healthcare providers.
with Patient Relationship Management, Electronic medical records, Digital examination forms, telemedicine and advanced data analysis capabilities to manage the overall business of healthcare. MetahOS gives you 24/7 access to real-time patient information and controlled task assignments for you and your team. This will allow you to follow the journey of your patients from visit to treatment or visa versa. With MetahOS,

Meta hOS Integrated Contact Center for Hospital

Integrated Contact Centre​

Outstanding communication has become the new voice of healthcare. MetahOS is a revolutionary, all-in-one solution that allows your hospital to effectively embrace digital communication in a designed way with integrated IVR/VM, Whatsapp/Web Chatbot, Web and Mobile App.
MetahOS is a multi-channel digital engagement suite that combines unified communications functionality with contact center software. MetahOS is designed to support the entire patient journey from initial prebooking to ongoing patient communication and administrative follow up.
Our integrated voice response system (IVRS) is designed to deliver an optimal experience from booking appointments to checking the status of patients in the hospital.
For an enterprise solution that is cost effective, flexible and with a fast return on investment, MetahOS is the answer. Communicate with softphones installed on phones and devices with your hospital staff. Our technology will transform how you communicate. Set up a sound proof conference call room without expensive phone system renovations. Communicate with your patients across multiple care locations throughout the patient lifecycle with secure audio connections to each room. Setup a communication center in any location without expensive equipment.

Meta hOS Marketing, Sales & Referral Management

Marketing, Sales & Referral Mgmt​

MetahOS is a unique integrated solution that helps marketing, sales and referral management professionals effectively partner with doctors to achieve their communication goals. MetahOS is also a platform to understand patient & digital trends and understand your digital footprint. In addition, it’s an e-health system with a range of capabilities including online screening & consultation, instant messaging, telemedicine for second opinion clinics and automatic blood banks management.
MetahOS is a flexible and easy to use referral management process. By allowing all Referral Management Program stakeholders to share a ‘single source of truth’, MetahOS allows users to maximise the efficiency of their referral practices and keeps everyone informed, on the same page. Provide an efficient and streamlined process for our customers while maintaining compliance with the guidelines set by the PHI and privacy laws
MetahOS lets you see who refers patients, what treatment has been planned and what treatment has been received better in a real time. This will help manage your referral management and patient care with great transparency.
Give your patients a chance to recommend you to their friends and family. Track all the successful/unsuccessful referrals, so that you can followup on any missed opportunities. Measure your referral source's performance, so that you can evaluate and improve.

Meta hOS HR, Operations & RTC

HR, Operations & RTC​

MetahOS pulls together everything you need, from HR to operations and beyond, all in one place. It's secure and HIPAA compliant. * In-app chat lets you chat instantly with anyone in the hospital or department group, without having to leave the app; no matter if they’re in the ICU, on the floor, or at home * Create sub-departments and invite them to keep track of everyone who works for you * Create shifts for your department staff and assign tasks from the app directly.

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We give out no obligation 1 month FREE trial