MetahOS Healthcare Operating System

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Features & Benefits

Integrated Contact Center

Meta hOS integrates the very best systems of healthcare communication technology (IT) into a unified and standardized Health Information System. Meta hOS has all this built in – Mobile, WhatsApp, IVRS, Web, Chat, SMS, Business Process Management.

HR, Operations & RTC

MetahOS is a cloud based app that reduces administrative overhead in HR, Operations and HIPPA Compliant Realtime Chat. Offering secure file sharing, hassle-free employee self-service, realtime intercomm for on the move situations, and scheduled meetings amongst employees as needed.

Billing, Finance & Accounts Receivables, Contactless Payments, Insurance Ready

MetahOS, a comprehensive platform for Healthcare organizations that empowers your organization with an ERP solution. MetahOS is a modular product architecture that enables the generation of non-clinical reports required by any healthcare organization.

Marketing, Sales & Referral Management

MetahOS, the next-generation Electronic Medical Record (EMR), offers a cost-effective platform to manage all of your marketing, sales, and referral management needs. Its sleek interface provides organizations with real-time analytics on metrics such as blood donation camps, health camps and sales calls. With MetahOS’ all-inclusive software you can utilize the various features to drive results and make the most out of every investment.

Digital OPD & IPD*, EMR (HIS), NDHM Ready*

MetahOS is a cloud-based digital platform for hospitals and medical facilities. Functions include patient registration, case & consultation notes, laboratory results management, pharmacy records, e-referrals, bed management, and many more. This industry specific solution is integrated with all leading hospital software solutions enabling efficient communication between the departments involved.

Patient Relationship Management

MetaHOS is a Digital Patient Relationship management (PRM) added with Hospital Informatics System, eHealth, TeleMedicine in the cloud. The comprehensive features within MetaHOS includes Patient – Doctor Communication, Tracking patient Journey, pre & post follow-ups, enhances the Clinician’s Decision and Hence improve Care and treatment effectiveness and reduce Operational Costs

What is MetahOS Healthcare Operating System?

“Streamlined Care Delivery and Significantly Reduced Our Total Ownership Cost”

Dr Suhas Kalghatagi – Hospital Owner

Take advantage of the cutting edge technology and streamline your operations.

How MetahOS can help

Meta hOS Keeps Your Hospital Compliant

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Controlled Access

Hospital CXO

Running a hospital is daunting task, and we understand how challenging it is to manage People, setup Processes and Implement Technology to provide the best quality healthcare to patients.
MetahOS - Hospital CEO
MetahOS - Doctorpreneur


A Doctorprenuer running a Clinic or Small Hospital is usually a one-man show with limited staff.
The Doctor ends up playing multiple roles within the organization and wears multiple hats, be it the front office managers, Accounts and Finance, marketing, etc the diversion of attention leads to multiple challenges.

Finance Head

The core duties of a healthcare finance head are to make sure the healthcare organization is financed, organized, has a good infrastructure, and technologically upgraded to provide quality healthcare most efficiently and affordably possible. Having said that the CFO of a healthcare organization encounters multiple challenges that hinder the growth of the organization. With MetahOS:
MetahOS - Finance Head
MetahOS - Operations Head

Operations Head

Health management is a challenging task that has to be addressed on time. To help hospitals offer quality service on time and within budget, Metahos (Meta-Healthcare Operating System) provides efficient use of your hospital assets for planning, scheduling and executing operations. The tool takes advantage of the provisioning platform to proactively schedule hospital assets under maintenance and for inspections. It helps the hospital run smoothly by using plans, calendar, and worklists; recording preventative and corrective maintenance events; and creating reports.

Marketing Head

MetahOS is the only medical software which has been architected to take care of Hospital Marketing, as well as Patient Recruitment, Customer Relationship Management and Referral Management. MetahOS helps hospitals capture and analyze critical information, empowering them to improve patient satisfaction and increase operational efficiency.
MetahOS - Marketing Head

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