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Adoption of Technology in Healthcare

Join us on Saturday, 24th April, at 3pm as we discuss how adoption of technology is changing the healthcare landscape.

Webinar date April 24, 2021 3:00pm

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Part II: Decoding Patient Billing and Claim Lifecycles

Understanding and identifying what contributes to claim mistakes early in the process is critical to decreasing errors and improving collections. Hence, hospitals require strong billing and operational processes including a robust tracking mechanism, so that errors can be identified and rectified at source. 

Effects of Poor Communication in Healthcare

Effective and seamless communication is vital to everyday operations and overall patient satisfaction and employee safety. The more prepared you are to communicate, the less likely you are to face the implications of operational or security risks. Similarly, with poor communication, you are also exposed to the wastage of resources and high healthcare costs. To discuss these challenges and explore possible solutions, we bring to you this webinar on the Effects of Poor Communication in Healthcare.

Decoding Patient Billing and Claim Lifecycles

Decoding Patient Billing and Claim Lifecycles

Hospital operations and billing is a complex matter and has its unique requirements. There are many schemes, many insurance plans and many third party payers. Because of these issues, there can be multiple problems in reconciliation. To overcome these problems, a centralised receivables management system for all payments could be an ideal solution.